What is Gate automation?

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your property, then a gate is considered as one of the best methods of doing that. When your gates are automated it makes opening and closing easier, though convenience, plus adds security and value to your home. We find that customers feel more secure both in the day and night, as there is an extra barrier between the outside world. It is also useful for preventing children or animals from running out of your driveway.

People are always surprised at how easy the gates are to use. It also adds an element of grandeur to any property. Below are some of the types of gates we have automated and the equipment that allows the gates to open and close:

One of the major deterents that a gate offers is that your entry point to the property is moved to the kerbside, which puts off burglars and means that unwanted visitors cannot park on your driveway. By having them automated, it means that you are less likely to forget to close the gates when you leave.

There are many other benefits that can be attributed to our gates, including style improvements, property value, keeping animals out (as well as in!) and our personal favourite of not having to close a gate on a cold damp night!